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The Confluence

Re-imagining worlds of profound connectivity, femininity and symbiosis

Tessel van der Putte is a visual artist and scholar based in the water-rich country of The Netherlands. Growing up below sea level, and while spending much time in nature as a child, her work is strongly influenced by bodies of water. Her work centers around themes of water and femininity through an eco-feminist lens, focussing on figurative archetypes that merge with dreamlike, abstract spaces in intuitive color palettes.

Initially approaching her art as a tool of mindfulness, and inspired by her human rights background, Tessel's work explores the relationship we hold with the natural within, and around us. By blending the physical and space, she reconceptualizes the boundaries between bodies and their interdependent existence with the natural environment. Ultimately, Tessel's art aims to transcend feelings of separation and disconnection, while alchemizing the realities we perceive on a more emotional and spiritual plane of understanding into experiences of profound connectivity and symbiosis.
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