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Tessel van der Putte

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Feminist and abstract art about mindfulness,
healing and body empowerment

These paintings depict our inner worlds. Each work, celebrated in vibrant color and abstracted in form, is a piece of introspection and healing, a meditation, a story. As many works play with perception, the art pieces are also a testimony to how we experience reality in different ways, how we perceive ourselves, and how throughout time we come to realize that everything is more connected to each other than we ever thought. Humans, too, are part of the natural world, the elements, each other. And so, these paintings invite the viewer to reconsider where the "self" finishes and our environment starts.

The balance of the masculine and feminine is also an important theme in these artworks. Many of them focus on body empowerment and on reconstructing how we frame the female nude in particular. The method of using sharp contrasts of light and shadow represents a dance of opposites. It is an ode to the nature of being and a recognition of our dualities within.

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