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Portrait photo Tessel van der Putte


Tessel van der Putte is a Dutch visual artist who works with vibrant color contrasts and abstraction of form, influenced by cubism and symbolism. With a background in human rights and climate change studies, she has made female bodily autonomy and water important themes in her work, as well as eco-feminism. Each of her paintings is an invitation to look differently at social roles and perceived realities, concerning both the physical, as well as our emotional and spiritual inner realms.

Tessel has exhibited her work across different cities in the Netherlands (The Hague, Elburg and Amsterdam) and has published work about Climate Change and sea-level rise, with a particular focus on Indigenous cultures and the leadership role of women. She is also a board member at Greenseed.

More info:
Podcast interview: Tera Stories 2023
Interview article: WILD Foundation 2022
Publication: Small Islands and Climate Change, Taylor & Francis 2021
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