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Root to Rise

Exhibition:​ 5 June to July 2024 ~ Toqueur Gallery at the Westergas terrain, in Amsterdam


Root to Rise is a powerful exploration of resilience, strength, and the profound connection between nature and the feminine perspective at the entrance of the Westergas terrain. This exhibition juxtaposes figurative depictions of human bodies with abstract representations of natural elements, particularly trees, to highlight the importance of nurturing and protecting both.

For example, the 'Vulva Series' features colorful, abstract paintings celebrating the female body that is often hidden or covered in a sense of shame and alienation for many women. By placing these works alongside the tree series, the exhibition underscores the raw, natural perspective through which I view both the human body and the landscape. Drawing connections between natural elements like flowers, oysters, seeds, soil, and riverbeds, the artworks celebrate often-concealed aspects of the female body.

Aimed at transcending feelings of rigidity and separation, the works blend boundaries of form and space - a metaphor that does not only apply to our perception of bodies and gender expressions, but also to our connection with the natural world that is present within us. Congruently referring to mindfulness and yoga practices, the exhibition asks viewers to 'root' before 'rising' - realizing that such processes look different for everyone.

This process of growth and connection is continuous and cyclical. I believe that by embracing vulnerability, we can bridge uncomfortable spaces and realize that many people struggle to find their place in a fast-paced, chaotic world. Like the interconnected network of tree roots, humans naturally seek and create connections. In this plant-filled exhibition place showcasing warm-toned "living-room" elements, I strive to inspire such connections, offering a visual and emotional sanctuary for viewers to find their place as they journey through life.

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