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The Confluence

Tessel van der Putte is a visual artist and published writer, with a background in Human Rights and research in rising sea levels. Integrating topics of body autonomy, boundaries, and re-conceptualizing our relationships as nurturing rather than controlling, Tessel's paintings and installations center themselves in an eco-feminist discourse. Her work ultimately intends to explore the boundaries of our physical and emotional bodies, which she terms "emotional landscapes", and to show a deep appreciation and reverence for the natural world.

At the same time, her work concerns itself with celebrating the visibility and safety of the female nude. Working around themes of interconnectedness and sisterhood, Tessel's paintings of feminine figures, depicted in intimate compositions, aim to convey the beauty of vulnerability. In her characteristic abstract and cubist-informed style, she blends form and space on the canvas to create dream-like atmospheres that suggest meditative states of being. Symbolizing the constant emotional interplay between ourselves and others, figures merge like water with their surroundings, and reveal a deep connectivity with - and dependency on - our natural environment.

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