Tessel's work consists of abstract and expressive art pieces inspired by the female body. Her work is feminist in nature, inspired by critical and spiritual thought - though does not conform itself to one single style, definition or ideology.

Her works aim to be free from the stigmas and structures of the individual mind and collective society, while tessellated in black and white lines in the emphasis of our own judgement and perception of realities. Behind the works, the idea shelters that our collective thoughts and memory, are often more black and white than we are aware of. Tessel believes that, like colour, acceptance of 'the other' and the stigmas we attach to 'the other', are a mindset architected by the societies we are born into. Yet, like also the black and white surfaces, all of these ideas are relative to the viewer - if only for the presence of light.

Most of her paintings and drawings on canvas, paper and stone, portray and embody feminine nudes of comfort and confinement, times of being loved, of self-love and also of struggle. The works wish to reclaim the female body and her 'nude' as the former objectified, sexualized and 'exotified', to something that is laud, present, authentic and recognizable (even if the shapes are abstract, cubist or mannerism-styled in their appeal). The colours and shapes of the bodies are expressions of personal growth,  power, defeats and victories, that are in a way universal as well.


In addition to that, both the Black and White Works, as well as the coloured canvasses from the atelier, aim at carrying out some sort of balance in light and form. In this equation especially, the essence of these work are found in the tensions and complexities of masculine and feminine energy and their dynamics. 


Tessel van der Putte (1994) is a Dutch artist, who comes from a Human Rights and Political studies background. Her work consists of the female body, her politics, her wars and her victories. 

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