The Tessellation series builds on top of the Black and White series but consists of larger pieces created on canvas.

The canvasses tell stories of women's experiences in the 21st century and aim to boldly push forward their place in society (in support of their rights, their potential and combating malfunctioning or harming stereotypes of women and girls - or associated feminine traits). The feminine discourse is often polarized over colour and genders. Yet here, the Black and White series on canvas, make colour both omnipresent and obsolete. The female figures each carry also masculine traits in them - exploring both round and soft shapes as well as masculine edges.

The works of the Black and White canvasses, similarly to the illustrations on paper, are about feminine healing energy that starts flowing when creating these works and when using creativity. Their depictions are attempts to bridge the sensation of togetherness, especially in those things we all go and grow through on an emotional and mental-reliance level.