The Black and White works revolve around stories of the feminine - and are especially inspired by the fourth feminist wave touching upon intersectionality and race. In the Black and White works, the lines that are used, are unapologetic. They are created and drawn in one go; not sketched, but bold and present within its flaws and odd shapes on the clear black or white backgrounds (like we should perhaps encourage young girls and women to be). The figures take up space, in their sometimes overly abstracted or amplified forms of the body and face, unrealistic settings or expressions, that surpass reality and physical rules and borders.

Using the beautiful female nude as a woman can then be empowering and reversing traditional dynamics of the female as a subject in art, but also as the creator(s) of it. This is a discussion the Black and White works want to contribute to.

The Black and White Works aim at carrying out some sort of balance in light and form. In this equation especially, the essence of these works is found in the tensions and dynamics of masculine and feminine energy. 

The works of the Black and White illustrations are in essence about feminine healing energy that starts flowing when creating these works and when using creativity. Their depictions are attempts to bridge the sense of solidarity, a sensation of togetherness, especially in those things we all go and grow through on an emotional and mental-reliance level.