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Vulva series

The Ongoing 'Vulvas' Project and Art Series

Vulvas is an ongoing project and art series that offers colorful, abstract, and celebratory interpretations of a deeply significant part of our bodies and beings. These paintings depict vulvas as oysters, flowers, underwater sandy landscapes, seeds, and soil, drawing parallels between the natural landscape and the human body through an eco-feminist lens.

This project began two years ago with the intention of illuminating a part of the human body that is often hidden and stigmatized. Inspired by artists like Georgia O’Keeffe and the fight for women’s rights, I sought to initiate a sensitive yet crucial discussion about our connection to our bodies and bodily autonomy. In many cultures, including my own, parts of the female body are considered shameful and are hidden away. Medical research related to wombs, menstruation, and pleasure is under-represented and still considered taboo. Shame is prevalent in many women from adolescence to old age. The female body and the vulva deserve more than this: they are the gateway to life, the place from which all humans come.

By depicting this series in a diversity of colors and shapes, yet always in a visible, raw, and unfiltered way, I aim to portray these works as abstract landscapes. For many women, these paintings resonate with a deeper part of themselves that yearns to be proud, empowered, and to celebrate their bodies rather than adhere to outdated and shame-filled views.

Let's all be part of this positive change, and celebrate the female body without shame!


You can acquire a framed artwork from the Vulva series, or buy a limited edition art print of the Vulva pieces online  (50x50cm on special Hahnemühle German Etching paper). Do note that there are only 11 limited edition prints of each painting.

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